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I am working with the primary aim of extending healthy lifespan in robust, typey, beautiful rats who have a very active, engaging and people-oriented temperament. The main varieties I breed have so far been agouti and black in dumbo and top ear. For 2017 the plan was to also focus on mink and cinnamon, however the carriers I had didn't cooperate, but Jemma and I both got some lovely topaz in our litters, and they appear to have good clotting, so for 2018 I will be going forward with topaz and eventually buff (and may pick up mink/cin again down the road). At the moment I doubt I will be in a position to keep Essex markings going but we shall see how it goes. I have a very exciting project in the pipeline, courtesy of a lovely doe from Hawthorn - topaz pearl, which is an incredibly beautiful unstandardised variety, so we will see what comes of that.





Essex markings


Black Essex (symmetrical, central headspot)

Agouti Essex (droopy, uneven headspot)

Agouti Essex (nice even blaze)

Baby Essex bellies - agouti (with quite good graduation)
and black (very splodgy; cute but not to standard!)

Ear types


Top ear


For genetic information and variety standards, visit toyah's Rat Varieties site.

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