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Welcome to Lovecraft Stud, a small rattery in Lancashire. My breeding is very small-scale (with only a handful of litters every year) and focuses on improving longevity and health, maintaining temperament and good type.

My rattery name is registered with the National Fancy Rat Society, of which I am a member, and I qualified for my stud name in December 2013. My home club is North of England Rat Society and I serve on the committee as Treasurer.

I don't update this site very often between litters so it can appear more out of date than it actually is. When I have litters, I try to upload kitten photos to the Lovecraft Rats facebook page; this website is mainly to keep longer-term track of information in an accessible format.

Any questions or comments, please email

Latest updates  

20/03/2019: I'm trying to get back into the swing of this, having neglected the website for far too long. I am not spending much time on social media anymore and the more out of date the site becomes, the harder it gets to sit down and get it up to speed. The most interesting/useful updates are probably the varieties page, as Jemma and I have refined our breeding plans, and the litter page which is now up to date. A bunch of photos are missing or outdated and all the links that lead to my Batrats site are extremely outdated, but at some point I will hopefully get round to sorting that too.

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